Data Cleansing and TPS Checking

Data Cleansing and TPS Checking Service From AccuraData

Data cleansing is the process of taking your existing customer database and cleaning it to remove duplicate records, remove non-compliant records and update data records that may no longer be correct.

Enhanced privacy regulations in the UK and European Union make it even more important for you to clean your data. You legally have to screen your database against the TPS and CTPS register every 28-days.

Failing to cleanse and update your database can lead to complaints being raised by data subjects to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which can result in enforcement action being taken against your company.


How Cleansing and TPS Checking Works

Get in touch with us with your total requirement, including the number of records you want to have cleansed and how you want to have it cleansed.

We’ll then invoice you for the work and once paid, we we will run your data through our system and cleanse it to your required specification.

Once your data has been cleansed, we will come back to you with a report on how the data has been cleansed and how it will look after cleansing.

Your new, cleansed dataset will be delivered back to you through our secure portal to ensure that the information is protected and handled in compliance with GDPR.

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At AccuraData, we make use of our in-house tools and external connections to cheaply and quickly cleanse your data to ensure that it is all safe to call. You can minimise potential risks to your business and have your team calling with ease.

The ICO are increasingly cracking down on businesses that are failing to screen their marketing data and are sending out nuisance calls to registered individuals and companies, which increases the chances of fines being levied against you.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today, or drop us an email so we can get started on your bespoke quote for your data cleansing needs. Data cleansing and TPS checking should never be an afterthought.

Supplying Accurate Data at ACCURADATA


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