B2B Email Data

Why B2B Email Marketing Lists From AccuraData?

There are many people out there saying that email data marketing is dead. This is simply not true and people are still regularly buying email marketing lists. In fact, email marketing is one of the most widely used forms of marketing in the world. How many of you have a business email address?

Our email lists allow you to create carefully crafted email marketing campaigns, where you can personalise and target your message based on your user profile. This will lead to your campaigns having better open rates and engagement rates.

If you’re new to email marketing and don’t have experience with crafting your own campaigns, then you can enlist the help of our expert partners. They have decades of experience in email marketing and can help you to create gorgeous, enticing campaigns that catch the attention of your prospects.

All marketing data lists are under the scope of GDPR and other data protection legislation, which is why we carefully select the records that we send to customers. This means we can undertake compliance and quality checks, to make sure the data you’re buying is actually worth buying.

Our email lists can be further filtered down to your specification, meaning that you can choose to target the businesses that are most important to you. To ensure that we are compliant with our legal obligations and to keep you safe, we only offer information on Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies.

You can call us today, or drop us an email for a free quote on your requirement. Supercharge your email marketing campaigns with our email lists, you’ll thank us later!

Due to our continued compliance with data protection legislation, we do not offer B2C email marketing lists and we have no plans to introduce this data. Despite this, we still have relationships with suppliers that can get you this data.

Supplying Accurate Data at ACCURADATA


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