Telemarketing List Providers

Why B2B Telemarketing with AccuraData?

Since the invention of the telephone, businesses have been calling other businesses to pitch their products and services. It used to be that businesses would trawl through a book like the Yellow Pages to find information. Now, modern businesses turn to telemarketing list providers.

What is a telemarketing list? For B2B, these lists contain information on a business that allows you to target them and pitch your services. The standard data that Telemarketing List Providers sell will include telephone numbers, company names and other business information.

We can also help you to target your data based on criteria like specific industries, using SIC classifications, company turnover, employee headcount and more. The more specific your campaign, the better the results that you’re likely to get.

The benefit of using telemarketing list providers is that by buying a dataset, your sales agents have a directly available pool of businesses to call. This saves money on searching for new prospects and also rapidly increases your sales uptake.

Having high-accuracy data is also important as you don’t want to waste time dialing dead numbers, or businesses that don’t exist anymore. Buying from a company that only sells recycled data means that you could get into legal trouble, or your campaign won’t run efficiently.

To get a free quote for your order, you can drop us a telephone call or give us an email. We’ll be more than happy to help you explore your needs! Your success is our success and we love seeing our customers benefitting from the data that we sell.

Some of the biggest issues facing data buyers are related to compliance. We ensure all of our data complies with the GDPR and DPA 2018. We also put all our B2B Data through the CTPS Register to ensure it’s safe to call.

Supplying Accurate Data at ACCURADATA


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