Finding new ways to grow your business is hard. Getting new customers and more sales is the dream, right? But not everyone knows how to do it. To start off, you are on the right track. You already know you need to grow and are looking at marketing campaigns to help you do it. So, you are ahead of the game. What you need now, are the marketing campaign tools to help you line your pocket.

With any luck, I will tell you about some marketing campaign tools you may not have heard of. You might know some of the marketing campaign tools, but hopefully, this will give an overview of what’s on the market. Get to know what there is on offer, then make your choice of how you want to proceed. Fingers crossed you will like the sound of at least one of the tools I will tell you about. 

These are seven tools that could help you achieve growth. If you have tried one of these already, let us know what you think. Tell us which you like the sound of most. Or even tell us another tool you have found and love!

Email Marketing Campaign Tool: Mailchimp

Mailchimp Login - Google Workspace Marketplace

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing campaign tools that can grow your business. It was named one of the best software sellers of 2021. With a range of marketing tools, it can help you build your brand.

Mailchimp allows you not just to reach more people, but people who will also be interested.

Creativity may not be your strong suit, but tools like the creative assistant can make stunning designs for you.

Get your business to click on beyond your hours. Timed emails can be sent when you are off grid.

Stats can bog the best of us down. But with Mailchimp, your data can be turned into a personalised plan. The platform shows the best ways to get results. You choose what you want to do next. Trial new techniques like surveys, to learn about your audience. 

All these tools are available with just a few clicks. Boost your hard work, to work hard for you. 

Not ready to download an app and pay a hefty fee? Mailchimp has a service you can use before you splash out.

They have four marketing plans. The first is free! You can then invest in your business with the essentials, standard or premium plans.

SEO Marketing Campaign Tool: Ahrefs

Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs: Discover Keyword Ideas and Analyze SEO Metrics

Ahrefs is another great example of marketing campaign tools and they have a 7-day $7 trial on now. They focus on search engine optimisation to push your content.

No more guesswork is needed with Ahrefs. It can score your whole website, not just one page. This will bring up big issues in your data that could be holding your site back from growth. Such as slow pages, issues with images or even low word counts on a page.

It is a tool for both the beginner and the pros. You control what data you want to see.

Sometimes marketing campaigns feel like a shot in the dark. With no clue how to get to the next stage. Or even what the next stage is. Ahrefs allows you to look at your competitors. See what they have achieved and how they got there. This way, things are clear. A set guide can take you through your next steps.

They can even give keyword suggestions to boost your Google (and other search engine) rankings. Get more clicks even if you are outside the US. Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer tool supports 171 countries.

But beyond that, track your ranks too. If you are unsure where your web page sits, log on to your phone and check. The rank checker tool lets you see on the go. Once you have put in your keywords and countries, then competitors web addresses, you can get updates sent to you. With access to 13 SERP features.

With their last tool, content explorer, you can learn more about how your organic traffic impacts your pay per clicks. Spot the content creation trends on specific topics.

CRM Tool: HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM Software - 2021 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

The next great marketing campaign tool is HubSpot CRM. They have an easy to navigate website. One of the best things is, it’s free. Not just for a small time frame, but forever. No need to stress about saving up profit to invest in this tool. This is great for those who want more but aren’t sure where to look.

They pride themselves on their clean visual display. You can check your sales. See where your team is at. Then don’t waste time logging sales. It’s automatic. Beet your competitors who log each sale individually, from calls to emails and social media.

No matter how big or small your team is. Use one place to keep all leads. Don’t be that person who can’t remember where the last contact was made.

If you’re still not sure, check out the clips on their site. They have proof of success from teams who have worked with them.

Website Analytics Tool: Google Analytics

The fourth tool is one you might know. Most people have heard of or used Google Analytics. But do you know all it has to offer? It is a quick place to start keeping track. All your news and updates are sent right to your inbox. Like most of these tools, there is a paid service, but there is also a free one.

How to Get Actionable Data from Google Analytics in 10 Minutes

For most businesses, the free version will be enough for you to grow. Really get to know your audience. See the numbers of how many users are on your site. Learn the countries they’re from and the devices they use. Do you know how long people are on your website for? Do you know the bounce rate? Learn these facts and then you can figure out what to do next. Are your bounce rates too high? Is your site engaging enough? Is it reaching the right people? Knowing your audiences and their behaviours is the best way to make the key changes you need.

Google analytics 360 is the next level. This service holds new insights. Get in-depth data for a superior understanding. Getting to grips with your figures early on gives you a great advantage over competitors

Social Media Marketing Campaign Tool: Hootsuite

Hootsuite Pricing, Features, Reviews & Alternatives | GetApp

Hootsuite is the next marketing campaign tool. This is aimed more at your social media networks. If you sign up now, you get 30 days free. This trial period could help you decide if it’s worth your time. As the whole aim is to save you time. It is your money. Every minute you put into your business, you should see come out in sales, exposure, reach, you get my point.

Scheduling posts is one of their great features. All small social media accounts know the struggle. You’ve got to time it right. Know when your audience is most active. Then get content ready. Plan when to post. Then upload right on the dot! This is tricky. But Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts. No more stress of setting alarms to get the sweet spot of interactivity.

Grow your platform whilst you sleep. Not only on one profile either. You can control up to 10 accounts all in one place. See your engagement and share it with your team. No more screenshots of Instagram stats!

There is even a live chat to help you on the go. All these tools with help you grow your success. Obviously pleasing you, but also your customers. People will remember your profile if they see it regularly. This is so encouraging as a consumer. Resulting in trust. Which then results in sales!

Start conversations. Build relationships. It is so important having this connection.

Your audience won’t forget your business like the others they follow. They can see your content in their feed, not your competitors. If that’s not convincing enough, there is also free access to more apps when you sign up.

Free Marketing Campaign Tools: Zoho

App provisioning, SSO and User Management in Zoho One

Next on the list is Zoho. This is our sixth marketing campaign tool, and it brings something new. With 60 million users, you won’t be in untried waters.

Software engineering is their focus. They have a tool for almost any problem. They spent time crafting, so you don’t have to. Let them help you solve an issue, and you can focus on the business you love.

Zoho is keen to gain your trust. With a promise to withhold any ads from the service. Even in the free editions. They believe they are good enough to earn, without them. Your privacy is not something they want to sell.

With products beyond just sales and marketing, all you could want is covered. They have reach campaigns, forms and surveys, event management software and more. A company that’s stood the test of time, proves its tools work.

There are so many ways to expand your marketing campaign. Zoho brings new layers to their platform. With great claims of training students. So, you can know you are not just investing in yourself. 

If you want to know more, see all their history on their site. It dates back to 1996 when it began. 

Content Marketing Campaign Tool: Trello


The final tool I would suggest thinking about is Trello. This is great at making your team more productive. Simply sign up with an email. It’s free.

There are boards to separate teams. On each board, there are customisable columns. Show your team exactly what you want. A simple set-up, to share and run weekly tasks. Invite new employees for a quick start.

Another tool is Trello cards. These cards track progress, whilst holding in-depth details, to avoid mess.

With Trello, robots also help. Small tasks can take up time, so robots can move your lists for you. All tasks can be met, as the robots can tell the team when they are coming up.

If you already have apps working for the team, link it in. There is no need to lose something you love. You can connect the things that already work for you. 

More tools are found in the Business Class pack. Check out all they offer if you’re interested to grow.

Based in New York but helping across the globe. It’s so cool what you can do from home! But I guess most of us learnt that this year. Get your business back on track, or boost it further, to achieve that growth.


It’s your choice! It can be so overwhelming sometimes. Having too many options is hard, but you can refer back to this article, whenever you are deciding. These are our top seven marketing campaign tool suggestions.

I hope whichever you choose, will help you grow your business. Good luck! Global success and market domination are on the horizon.

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